In the heart of Croatia's scenic riverways, the inaugural Euro Rafting Cup unfolded with a torrent of excitement and adrenaline. Hosted on the Cetina river the race was the first stage of the 2024 Euro Cup Series and Croatia had proven itself a formidable host, and the spirit of rafting thrived in its waters.


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In the men's category Koncar 1 won the gold medal with 268 points in total (RX 108, Slalom 80, Downriver 80) ahead of the teams: Italy Garfagnana and Cetina Raft. In the women's division Italy conquered the first place with a total o 288 points (RX 108, Slalom 100, Downriver 80) followed by Koncar; meanwhile in the mix category Koncar with a total of 280 points win the overall (RX 120, Slalom 80, Downriver 80) followed by Italy RKA and Italy Garfagnana.


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Download all the photos of @pearl.ivy913 by clicking here and here.


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See you on the next stage of the Euro Cup Series in Pau, France on May 4-5th!



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